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Tummy time is a very basic, age-old play concept that has been a part of child rearing for centuries. Unfortunately, it has been largely overlooked in the past decade. In fact, researchers have found that this lack of tummy time has lead to an increase in gross motor delays. Researchers now say that moving and exploring the world in a prone position not only has great benefits for locomotory skills but also stimulates babies' brains in new and important ways.

wingbo enables baby to see from a  new perspective and makes tummy-time easier and more enjoyable. The ergonomic design also helps baby use muscles associated with balance and coordination.

wingbo is the first swing in the world where babies and young children actually swing themselves, as the ergonomic design promotes a healthy, comfortable, prone position. This self-sufficiency makes for self-confidence. From the very beginning, wingbo supports locomotory development, promotes a healthy posture, stimulates mental development and broadens the basis for a self-confident personality.

wingbo is a great way to meet your baby's physical needs while encouraging mental development. Introduce your baby to tummy time on wingbo-and introduce a brand new perspective on his world.

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